Kamil Erdem
Jazz bassist and latin/classical guitarist.

Kamil Erdem made his career mainly through his works and performances inspired by the scales and rhythms of the music of the Balkans, Anatolia, and the Middle East. However, mainstream jazz and latin music has also been one of his primary interests, both as a player and teacher.

Erdem founded the group Asiaminor in 1990, which has given him access to the international music scene for more than 10 years. As the leader of the band, he toured several times in Europe (1990-2002) and the USA (1996,1998,2003) and released three albums: Along the Street (1991), Longa Nova (1996), and Cat's Dream (1997).

In 2001, Kamil Erdem released his solo bass album, "A Tale of Bass," where his own impressions of different traditional music have been transformed into virtuosic techniques and compositions for solo bass guitar. Since 2002, he has been conducting workshops and master classes on solo bass guitar performance techniques and playing solo bass recitals in Turkey and abroad.

Kamil's versatility as a musician brought him to many international projects to play together with musicians from all over the world, coming from different musical genres. He released two albums reflecting his collaboration with European musicians, "Kamil Erdem Quartet - Odd Tango" (2008) and "Kamil Erdem - René Sopa Quartet" (2010).

Through his international career as a performer, Kamil Erdem played concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, the United States, Egypt, and South Africa.

Kamil Erdem has an international career as a teacher and clinician and has been conducting master classes, workshops, and seminars at prestigious institutions in various countries. Between 2001 and 2016, he has been a faculty member at Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Department of Music and Performing Arts.

In 2022, he released the first single of his upcoming album, Paraguay, on which he plays classical guitar. The rest of the album, which is a fusion of various Latin styles and Turkish music, will be released in January 2023.